Define The Choice Of Using Microsoft Word And The .doc File Extension – Essay Example

DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY] Microsoft Word is one of the best possible software that can be used for formatting of words. It is one of the programs that is present in the Microsoft office package that usually comes as a whole package.
Earlier the older version of the Microsoft Word had the file format known as “doc.” This was the format that was used in the early 1990’s and the early 2000’s. This format is used in 97-2003. There were many things that were not visible or supportive of the feature. There was a lot of lack of supporting features. This format was widely and still used to this day, but the improvement in the rest of the programs and the pictures that now had upgraded formats. Later a docx. version was used which was more supportive of all kinds of picture formats. The format became available in the later versions of Microsoft Word, that is 2007 and the 2010 format (Bott, Leonhard, 2007).
There were a lot of issues then among the versions, various file supporting issues that came up among the Microsoft Word’s version itself. This was later corrected by a service pack that allowed the newer version of Microsoft Word to allow the user to save the file in the versions that is required. This helped settle many issues that existed and became far more user friendly. Now those who did not have either of the versions could simply ask for the converted file in the desired format. The conversion was easier as well as it could be found as a built in function in the Microsoft Word itself. The doc version is very helpful as it is compatible with all the versions of Microsoft and thus their will not be any viewblity issues with the document. It makes document viewing easy and thus the best choice for saving a document would be doc. Format.
The other option that can be used is Notepad, but this is very obsolete in its features and it does not have supporting features for various picture formats and other things. The main reason for choosing Microsoft Word over other programs is that it is very compatible and has various other options as well, which increases the functionality and thus the program can be used for various other work as well like making grocery sheets.
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