DISC Platinum Rule Profile Assessment – Essay Example

DISC Platinum Rule™ Profile Assessment Using the assessment results, I found Dominance styles to be goal-focused and fast-paced. Such people like toaccept challenges and make great use of skills to overcome those challenges. Dominance styles shape their environment according to their needs in order to overcome obstacles that come in their way towards accomplishments. Day (2009) states, “The person with a Dominance behavioral style focuses on shaping environment by overcoming opposition to accomplish the results they desire”. Independence is one of their demands because they need it to manage themselves and other people.
Apart from the positive personality traits, there also exist some negative traits of Dominance styles. Some of the commonly observed negative traits include impatience, low tolerance, inflexibility, and toughness. They like to take control of other people. They tend to move at a fast pace towards accomplishment of their goals. Dominance styles are competent and want other people interacting with them to be competent as well.
Dominance styles have some major strength and weaknesses. Some of the main strengths include ability to get things done in a right manner, administrative skills, decision-making skills, and ability to achieve desired goals and objectives. Apart from these considerable strengths, some of the major weaknesses include rigidity, inflexibility, impatience, poor listening habits, and intolerance.
I personally agree with the overall behavior assessment. However, there are some points with which I do not totally agree. Those things include lack of patience and low tolerance for other people. I think that Dominance styles are very tolerant and do not like to punish people for small mistakes.
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