Discussion #4 – Essay Example

Discussion Questions Response to Article The article defines 6 characteristics of a family as a system including boundaries, roles, rules, hierarchy,climate, and equilibrium (Christian, 2006). The information seems new but is simply a summarized form of what we already know about family systems. 3 characteristics that apply to my own family include the boundaries that are set for the people within and outside the family like friends remained outsiders to the biological family we held, roles are assigned to the family members for instance my mother remained responsible for the households and rules were set for the acceptable and unacceptable behaviors like we were not allowed to play outside or watch TV at timings set for our studies or speak in a louder tone to our parents.
Personal beliefs and Practices Questions
a. The underlying childrearing belief that I observed was of positive reinforcement in my family whereby our parents positively behaved, spoke or rewarded a desired act or behavior.
b. Usually the society upholds the concept of male dominance and the need for men to be hardworking and successful to support the future family he will hold. However, our family norms and values encouraged female participation in all walks of life. My parents encouraged us to attain good grades at school, participate in sports and aim for a good future life with self-determination as the key to our success. They taught us to be independent rather than a person reliant on a man for financial matters.
c. I was disciplined with positive reinforcement, a calm family life and the unspoken behaviors of my parents and elders. They always listened to each other and the younger were told to behave politely and respectfully not only to the elders within the family but even the strangers who are elder to us in age. Moreover, we were given warnings and negative gestures and attitudes when an undesirable act was observed like playing during study timings or attaining bad results in our assessment when we were young etc.
d. We received many rewards as a token of appreciation for our good behaviors and manners like toys when we were young, story books, dresses and even money when we grew up.
e. I would definitely want to raise my children in a way similar to the way I was brought up. I believe that the respect and love I hold for my family is due to their appreciation, positivity and the love and respect I got from them as a family member and a beloved child/sibling.
Christian, L. G. (January 01, 2006). Understanding Families: Applying Family Systems Theory to Early Childhood Practice. Young Children, 61, 1, 12-20.