Discussion #7 – Essay Example

Discussion #7 Discussion #7 Should younger persons have priority over older persons for kidney transplants? I think that younger persons should have priority for kidney transplants over older people. This argument is based on the maximum benefit distributive criteria (Center for Bioethics, 2004). This means that the kidney will be given to the person who will be most likely to live longest. According to United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), a Richmond-based private nonprofit group, "Its an effort to get the most out of a scarce resource” (Stein, 2011). Another reason why younger persons should be prioritized is because studies have shown that in particular, children do not grow well unless they get a transplant, whereas the older kidney patients can survive in the meantime with dialysis.
2. Should non-alcoholics have priority over alcoholics for liver transplants? Use moral values and theories to defend your answers.
Yes, priority should be given to non-alcoholics over alcoholics for liver transplant. Although, there is a principle of equal access distribution, I think it is but fair that priority be given to someone who did not have control over the disease over someone who put it upon himself by drinking too much alcohol and not thinking of the possible consequences. Kluge, as cited by the Center for Bioethics argues that “people who engage in poor lifestyle choices are behaving irresponsibly and could have prevented their illness” (2004). He goes on further to state that these people increase the demand for organs and deprive other people who “have no control over their need,” for the necessary transplant (2004). The issue here is whether these alcoholics are worthy of the donated organ. Besides, it is also highly probable that the alcoholic will go back to his previous lifestyle if given a new liver.
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