Discussion Board Assignment 1 – Essay Example

of unit Character and competence as a function of trust Trust as defined is the dependence on another person or entity. It is more of believing that someone or something is reliable. Competence, on the other hand, is a standardized requirement for an individual to perform a given job perfectly. Character is entails the moral that is in the mind and is related more to moral uprightness of the person. Both character and competence play a big role in the functioning of the trust. Trust in functional relationships is only possible when both character and competence are high.
We only have confidence that we are working for people or individuals who have high ability and integrity. Trust believes who someone is and what he or she can accomplish. Trust becomes a first victim when competence or character is in question. When one individual has low character or competence then, suspicion starts to appear. Distrust also appears when one of the attributes is questionable for example high competence but low character or high character and low competence). An individual may have the best intentions but lack the skills necessary to translate intentions into quality results; he or she will not be trusted with crucial work given to accomplish.
A good character consists of humility, honesty and selflessness, which play a vital role in trust. Individuals may have the highest character but are unable to do an effective work. They are categorized as nice people. Such people are worth attention because of their good character. Individuals with low character and high competence are the hardest to handle. They rationalize laziness and ignore people they have run over hence leading to distrust (Michael).
It is vital to understand that competence never dumps character. No matter how skilled an individual is to the task. Trust can only exist fully when high competence and character are both in existence. 
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