Discussion Board Assignment 2 – Essay Example

Discussion Board In an office environment, it is important to highlight your individuality and credibility among the other employees. Communication plays a significant role in leaving a positive impact of personal influence on others. People seek for self-realization as well demand for appreciation from others too. Communicating with other team members or employees of an office allows the individual to show case his/her understanding of concepts and point of views and further relate them with the shared thoughts of others.
Internal communication is essential for the strategic focus on the overall business communication among the employees. The proper and effective flow of management occurs with the right strategies of top-down communication. In addition, personal influence and credibility can work properly with the right among of trustworthiness.
The leader of the team should have positive attitude towards the subordinates and other employees in order to create a relationship of harmony and trust, yet this activity is only possible with the appropriate flow of interpersonal communication. Some people have natural instincts or ability to communicate with a discerning diplomacy, influence and right persuasiveness. With the innate ability they easily motivate and inspire other employees. Such communication level and behavior help in managing the other employees and to work in accordance with your guidelines.
Theories like “Medium is the Message” expresses the importance of medium, that what sort of medium is in use for communication. Direct communication is more influential than other sources of communication. The rate of credibility also increases automatically with the certain amount of persuasions on other employees.
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