Discussion#12 – Essay Example

7/8 Career in Asian Tourism Markets Tourism is a kind of industry, which is very much progressive with respect to build a career in it. There are many institutions, which are offering masters degrees in tourism and hospitality management just because of the raise in the industry form the past few decades. One can become a travel or tour guide, a travelling agent and even a tourism-marketing manager. If I talk about myself then I want to become a tourism-marketing manager for Asian Tourism Markets. The main aim of the tourism-marketing manager is to boost up sales and thus making a competitive position in the tourism market. The tourism-marketing manager and the travelling agents work collectively.
According to Forbes paper, the Asian Tourism Market is growing at a very fast speed and in near future it will be developed into a fully-grown tourism industry (Fuller 1). For this reason, there is a probability that the new jobs creation in this particular tourism region will be at higher rate. The main tourism places included in this Asian region are Maldives, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India and Pakistan Fuller 1). As a marketing manager in Asian Tourism Market, I will try to use innovative advertising media and different marketing channels to promote the tourism. One of the best sources will be online marketing through different techniques like blogs, web sites, social networking sites and sometimes Google ads.
Fuller, Ed, ‘Asia --- Global Driving Force’, Forbes Asia, December 12, 2013, Web July 7, 2014