Editing – Essay Example

26 Jan Chair of the Department of Family Science, Dear Chair of the Department of Family Science at King XXXXXX I am serving as Ms. XXXXXXXXXi’s Doctor of Philosophy advisor at The University XXXXXX. Ms. XXXXXXX has asked me to write a letter describing the Doctor of Philosophy in Secondary Education Program and Specialization area in Family and Consumer Science offered through the Department of Curricular and Instructional Studies and how the Doctor of Philosophy degree will strengthen and enhance her skills and knowledge in Family and Consumer Science. Foremost, the Doctor of Philosophy degree prepares candidates to produce new knowledge of worth within the content area the candidate wishes to study through learning how to conduct and communicate scholarly research. In addition to the increase in knowledge concerning scholarly research, the candidate is expected to increase their content area knowledge that in a Ms. XXXXXXXX situation includes curricular and pedagogical content area knowledge. The latter is the media through which the Doctor of Philosophy degree program is designed.
Specifically, Ms. XXXXXXXXXX is required to take 15 semester hours in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Additionally, Doctor of Philosophy candidates take three to six semesters in studying research issues within their content area. Because of Ms. XXXXXXX’s focus on family science, she most likely will take the survey of family and consumer-science research course as an independent study. The capstone exercises to demonstrate mastery of research methods is the dissertation. Ms. XXXXXX may elect to focus on adding to the body of family and consumer science knowledge or the teaching and learning of family scientific knowledge as the subject for her dissertation.
Ms. XXXXXXXX content knowledge will focus on family and consumer science. The Doctor of Philosophy degree program sets aside 18 semester hours of the program to be a course work in family and consumer science. In addition, as Ms. XXXXXXXX’s advisor, I will require the six semester hours of cognate-area course work to be in the content area of family and consumer science and the total in the area of specialization will be 24 semester hours. In addition, the program has 15 semester hours for Social-Philosophical Foundations and 20 semester hours for the Dissertation. As a result, the Total Program runs for 92 credit hours.
However, Ms. XXXXXXXX is required to take curricular and instructional classes. Within these classes, I will advise her to focus her work on family science areas. For example, in the required course, I teach Concepts of Curriculum. I expect Ms. XXXXXXXX to focus on different curriculum that would be used in Family and Consumer science education. Thus, her coursework will be a balance of family science specific courses and courses that will necessitate application of curricular and instructional ideas to family science education.
I hope this outline of Ms. XXXXXXXXX’s program meets the needs of Family and Consumer department at King Abdulaziz University (Organization’s & University’s Division). My efforts as her advisor are to produce a knowledgeable and skilled individual who can create new knowledge in family and consumer science education through rigorous research.