Editing Strategies – Essay Example

Research Strategies Research Strategies Research Strategies Identifying the broad 2. Prewriting to evade generality 3. Narrowing to the topic for search
It is appropriate for one to identify the topic they intend to conduct research. After identifying the subject, it is appropriate for a student to understand what they are actually intending to search or the thesis of the topic under search. Narrowing the topic enable the researcher to direct the subject to what could interest him or her. An individual should “…enjoy learning about the subject… If you think you might get bored, select another subject (Nadell, Langan, and Comodromos, 2009; pg. 468).”
Specific Suggestions
If a student tends to conduct any research work, he or she must select a topic. If the topic is provided, then they must understand the scope of the topic and understand the nature of the audients in relation to the topic. Understanding the nature of the topic will adequately provide a hint on the appropriate research methods to be used in searching the required information (Nadell, Langan, and Comodromos, 2009). There are numerous research methods that a student may employ towards searching materials to write his or her work. Some of the research methods include interviews, internet, and library searches. Unless quality research is done, the materials obtained may not lead the student to quality conclusion. According to Judith Nadell, John Langan, Eliza A, and Comodromos, students who intend to conduct primary research must “prepare a list of questions geared toward that goal. During the interview, though, remain flexible—follow up on interesting remarks even if they diverge somewhat from your original plan (Nadell, Langan, and Comodromos, 2009; pg. 471).”After obtaining the required materials, regardless of the source, the student should analyze them with focus to the thesis statement. They should paraphrase to evade plagiarism (Nadell, Langan, and Comodromos, 2009; pg. 495).
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