Exploration#5 – Essay Example

Benjamin Franklin- The Common Man’s Scientist Objectives I want the readers to understand the inventions of Benjamin Franklin as need based ones”. 2. “ I want the readers to relate the inventions of Benjamin Franklin with the common man’s requirements.
The inventions of Benjamin Franklin can all be referred as innovations which arose from the particular situations pertaining to the systems or objects involved in the inventions. This assumption is averred by the fact that most of the inventions of Benjamin Franklin are one or the other way related to the requirements of the common people. The invention of bifocals can be very much referred as such an innovation. Benjamin Franklin had a problem with his eye sight and needed spectacles to read. (RFL, 2007). He realized that it was causing him trouble to switch in between the reading mode and the other normal visions. This need made him invent the innovatory concept of bifocals. The danger in the fireplaces that existed in the common man’s houses in America was realized by Benjamin Franklin. He also found that the wood burning in the fire place in order to keep the house warm involved a large cost. (RFL, 2007). This concern led him to invent the cost effective and safe electric furnace which later came to be known as Franklin Stove. There existed no way to measure the distance those days. This requirement was also felt as a common man’s need by Benjamin Franklin as he felt it himself while traveling as a postmaster. This eventually made him to develop the odometer. America’s first flexible urinary catheter was also invented by him by realizing the difficulties his brother had while suffering from kidney stone. The most interesting factor here is that Benjamin Franklin worked ‘out of the box’ to involve in the field of bioscience so as to influence the common man’s needs positively. His other inventions like lightning rod also related much to the every day life of common man. In totality, the works of Benjamin Franklin has always considered the utility to the common man.
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