ID Lecturer Assume you are applying for a managerial position in a healthcare facility. How would youdescribe your managerial style during the interview? Which management theory best explains the managerial style you described?
My managerial style during the interview would first and foremost be described through my dressing style where I will wear formal clothes. The management theory that best explains my style is more authoritative than anything else. This is because I deal with people in a very forceful way – asking them to give their best and then take all the rewards afterwards. This is important to me because it gets the work done in a cohesive manner. It also allows me the liberty to understand them better and thus allot them the resources which they dearly require for the completion of their respective tasks. For a healthcare facility, it is pertinent that the people working under me are handled in a stern way because it is about handling people and their health domains at the end of the day, which remains an uncompromised territory (Fried-Booth, 1997). My managerial style is therefore dependent on how well I am able to maneuver myself within the healthcare facility because it is dependent on the skills and abilities that I have attained over a period of time. I will only be deemed as a successful manager when I make my mark within the healthcare concerns through my authoritative style which remains supremely important to me and the work that I undertake. In the end, it would be fair to suggest that my managerial style should inspire others to adapt it within their folds so that there are no compromises on healthcare for the sake of the patients and the community at large.
Fried-Booth, H. (1997). Cultivating managers of the future. Journal of Management in Medicine