How Would You Summarize The Position Of Islam In The Modern World – Giving Special Attention – Essay Example

Teacher Islam currently is facing problems within and on a wider spectrum. The religion has to deal with issues that revolve around the global modernization, secular governments and the ‘shariah’ not being imposed properly. Another aspect is terrorism, and the things that come with it i.e.illiteracy being the main reason people allow themselves to get blown up in the name of god or the current political importance of Islam. All in all these days we find Islam on the center stage most of the time.
What does it mean for Islam? The religion is constantly transforming and means something different for almost every country. While some countries are against the ideals of the religion based on Islamic terrorism, others seem to be more tolerant. The conclusion that some come up with is that Islam is a weak religion hence not being able to defend itselfagainst the tight scrutiny of nations, along with media and propaganda. With the U.S ready to start a war any minute in the name of wiping out terrorism, the religion is under constant scrutiny by the powerful states which ergo become hurdles in its development. Islam’s position right now in the modern world is that of straw holding on to itself during a cyclone.
The way modernization has affected Islam has always been the subject of a heated debate. While some propagate its inclusion in the global village, saying it will only make its impression better and clear out the misunderstandings other more conservatives say that it can only harm Islam and lead it followers away from it. Many Muslims themselves are moving away from the religion because of the way their ideologies and patterns of life have been influenced by the west. Western popular culture is dominant in most parts of the world and is slowly erasing the values that Islam advocates, while the same western media promotes the religion as a brand for hateful, venomous and dangerous men and women.