Human Relations Writing Assignment 1 The First Chapter Of Your Text Concentrates On The Ideas Of – Essay Example

The Number 11 February Writing Assignment In psychology, personal growth is defined as an innate process of self-exploration or self-understanding within an individual which leads to obtaining profound insights, solving problems, overcoming barriers, etc. Some scholars also say that personal growth is actually self-actualization (Feltham & Horton 547). From available literature, it appears that personal growth is closely related to personal development. Specifically, it is the outcome of personal development. The latter is related to positive thinking and goal-setting, changing habits, acquiring new meaning in life, pursuit of happiness, spiritual growth, and professional development (Hughes & Hongson 25). Personal growth is one of people’s universal needs. In HRM it is believed that personal growth may be a result of enhanced formal education, specific learning experience, technical training, or other developmental experiences (Schneier et al183). Hence, in HRM personal growth is mostly referred to as a result of organized learning experiences and a way to performance improvement (Erasmus et al 451). Personal growth is driven by individual’s need to develop in a certain field (Armstrong 2).
My quest of personal growth started once I realized some aspect of my everyday existence was falling short of what I wanted it to be. So I started to look for ways of improvement. Problems in personal relationships and failure to build adequate relationships led me to realizing that something was wrong with me. I started looking for ways of improving personal communication skills. In particular, I learned to be more reserved in communication, to avoid forming biased opinions, to listen without interruption, to demonstrate my respect to the speaker, and to listen well, which was to listen rather than talk a lot myself. Also, I decided to change my lifestyle since I realized that the people I used to hang around with were mostly indifferent about personal growth but rather preoccupied with entertainment and partying. Going out with the person of these interests could bring only disappointment since my then friends did not value responsibility at all. I wanted difference and successful relationship. So I joined a sporting club and an environmental organization, things I found exciting, and started to spend more time with my new friends from there. Soon I met a person after my own heart with whom I share lots of common interests and have a similar attitude to life. So for my personal growth, the following factors are important: motivation (I was motivated to bring change to my life), pursuit of happiness (I did not feel happy about the relationship), confidence (I was confident that I would be successful in changing my life), and dissatisfaction with previous results. As for now, I am not satisfied with my professional skills and through studying I want to further follow the path of personal growth.

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