Humanities REACTION ESSSAY #1 – Essay Example

Your Full Your 15 April Reaction Essay In the seventeenth century, Francis Bacon was a great advocate of the empirical method of inquiry, which involved using direct observation and scientific experimentation to draw conclusions. Interestingly, this has been one of the driving forces behind the advancement of science and technology in our day and age as well. Bacon sought to unfetter science from traditional authority and blind religious belief in a bid to advance science. Again, this is precisely what has helped us in the advancement of science: science is open to being corrected and does not adhere to certain “immutable” religious or authoritarian tenets.
Reading about him, and his postulations, made me think of how, lately, the discourse all around us has started refocusing on religion and personal faith. It seems to me that though religion had taken the metaphorical back seat however, once again, it is starting to overtake reason and empiricism. People are trying to bring religion back into the forefront, and have it replace reason and science. Take for example, the way parents in the United States feel about the theory of evolution – deeming it to go against their religious tenets, they demand that an alternate theory, with no basis in science or empiricism, be taught to their children; a theory that is taught by their religious texts.
Even though it is understandable that people are very sensitive about their religious beliefs, however, when it comes to science it would be best if such beliefs are not brought into the debate because it merely detracts from educational discourse.