I Gave The Instructions In The Detail Box – Essay Example

Introduction The aim of this paper is to elaborate how I would prefer a Club of my interest to establish in the campus and what should be the recruitment procedure for this purpose. The need for such activities is for creative purposes and also for physical and mental growth of students, which is the main purpose of my club. My selection of genre for a club would be the Photography Club, where students get a chance to showcase their talent and vision through pictures, which they can share online and contests for this purpose can be held to boost them up and provide them a platform with advantages. This activity is more fun as the same students who are members to other clubs too, for example, Traveler’s Club can always photograph what they see while they travel place to place. This will help them learn managing and become multi-tasking. It will be easier for them to access the club and participate in the events, contests and exhibitions as they have a huge scope to implement their ideas and capture the world they see every day.
Recruiting students for managing this club is very important. The recruitment strategy should be based on the nature of the Club. If I run a club, I will prefer to welcome all willing students as new members in my Club. However, when it comes to managing the Club I will go for recruiting students who are enthusiastic about photography and have a great artistic vision and believe in the art of capturing what they see and as they see. One must have a quality of seeing beauty in anything he / she sees or an art to beautify what they see. This can be judged by seeing their interests, portfolios and ability to guide and encourage others. Moreover, the interaction between the club members and administrators should be more often. This way you are never short of members while organizing or hosting an event.