Journal #3 – Essay Example

Journal #3 In the article “Why I Write” by Williams, the central idea, also, the thesis ment is the use of writing to presentation things that can hardly be controlled as discussed in this paper. The writer is using the word dream to depict the things that she can only dream or imagine, but on which she has little or no control. In this regard, she focuses on Moab, Brooke, and her actions, with respect to what she dreams of or imagines.
It is only through writing that the writer comes into peace with the things, in her thoughts, which she cannot control. In this case, the writer says that, “I writer make peace with the things I cannot control” (Williams 80). Other than this, the writer presents many other reasons for deciding to write including writing for adventure and writing to trigger dialogue among others. All the reasons are however cantered on writing as an easy and safer way of communicating information about ideas than can only be passed across through writing. Through writing, one solves the mystery of her dreams.
Generally, writing makes one’s mind calm down after sharing thoughts or information and ideas that could be stressful and thus ending up settle at peace. Writing makes the author’s thoughts bare a clear meaning than when expressed otherwise. In essence, the reason for Williams to write is ease the burden of her thoughts by expressing them using her passion to write (Williams 81). This passion makes her do the seemingly impossible through writing.
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