Need To Write For A Collge Application About Comunnity Service Up To 250 Words – Essay Example

My Experience in Community Service I grew up in Bergen County, NJ and attended Nitzanim Hebrew School where many of my mates were also children of Israeli immigrants. It was also during this stay that I spent most of my spare time in high school helping my teachers organize crafts and group discussions wherein I assisted in explaining the stories surrounding Jewish tradition so that kids of my generation would not lose their cultural tie towards Israel. The activities were typically organized in group circles teaching kids how to read and understand the Hebrew language. The effort may be small as the activities were only confined in classrooms and discussion groups but it made me realize that even a small effort can make a difference in other people’s lives if we care enough.
There was this one particular kid named Eitan who had difficulty learning the language but through my assistance was able to get a good grasp not only of the Hebrew language but also its accompanying tradition. I was in a unique position to be able to relate to students my age which helped bridge the generational gap between my teacher and fellow students, thus making the teaching and learning between the students and the teacher easier. I would like to believe that I was effective as a volunteer when my former teacher, Mrs. Cohen told me: “I hope that one day, these kids will come back to help me as much as you have.” It just felt good that my effort to help was appreciated and it motivated me to do more.