Obsession About Soccer - Draft – Essay Example

Obsession about Soccer I have been a soccer fan since childhood and I was in the youth team back home in Abu Dhabi whenI was ten years old, where I stayed until I was seventeen. I am an obsessed supporter of Manchester City soccer club and I love this club because the Abu Dhabi government owns it. I am not only a fan of this soccer club, but also an addict of the soccer game displayed by the players of this team.
Every moment I spend time with friends, I hardly take an hour without mentioning something about the Manchester City football club. When the team is playing in a manner suggesting that it is bound to reap a win, I usually find it difficult to sit down. I keep on hopping all over and screaming the names of the players while watching them play either from the screen or from the pitch. In case the team loses a match, I find myself discouraged and angry. Sometime I get too emotional when Manchester City loses that I find it difficult to talk to anyone. I hardly spend a moment without checking for all the updates about all the fixtures, the player transfers and signings and the gossips revolving around this soccer club. Although some soccer fans sometimes cause violence in various locations across Europe, my obsession does not lead to violence. This addictive behavior demonstrates the value I place upon soccer activities and in particular the place that the Manchester City soccer club has in me. Sometimes friends and colleagues refer to me as a soccer fanatic and not a soccer fan since I behave crazily when discussing anything regarding this club and football in general.
As far as soccer is concerned, I qualify to be defined as an “obsessed soccer fan” due to the great addictive drive I have for football. Football directly influences my social and general life and I can spend so much money to fulfill my quest for football happening in Manchester City and across the world.