Peer Response To Essay Draft – Essay Example

Task Peer response to essay draft Natural Resource article The essay integrates concepts of the topic in consideration from the beginning in the development of the thesis statement to the termination of the essay. The commencement of the essay brings out the necessary suspense for the readers through numerous questions projected towards the readers. Therefore, readers can have different viewpoints concerning the topic bringing out a better understanding of the overlying themes.
The topic is developed from the start and developed throughout the body of the essay, thus substantiating thesis of the essay. The topic has been presented well throughout the body through utilization of assertions from renowned person in the fields that the topic addresses. The author needs to improve transition into different paragraphs by utilization one paragraph for a single idea. The thesis of the essay synchronizes with the content of the essay through thus serving the purpose. The thesis offers concerns about the relations that exist amongst consumption for humans and natural resources offering different perspectives for the readers (Durning 43).
Social Responsibility article
The article offers the reader numerous perspectives from which they can think in order to bring out the true implications of the article. The author presents a better understanding through numerous examples that are utilized within the paper. The author manages to bring out the concepts under discussion through flexible stances and logical statements.
Flexibility in the statements offers the readers suspense and makes them think more about the thesis thus assisting in bringing out the required impact on the readers. The topic of the essay is developed from the beginning through the questions and developed in the body and substantially supports the thesis of the story.
The author needs to offer clarification and better synergy of concepts in order to improve the delivery of the presented thesis and prevent too much deviation from the thesis. The thesis of the paper is well presented at the beginning of the paper offering the reader an overview of the topic under contemplation.
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Durning, Alan. “How Much Is Enough”? World Watch Institute, November-December 1990.
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