Please Discuss The Following Question With Philosophy Ethics And Ideas – Essay Example

According to Hobbes, the morality does not stand without obligation to the society. He explains that people are the oneswho create the government. The primary aim of the government is for peace to prevail the need to give undivided and unlimited authority to sovereign power. However, the measurement of our morality depends on how we view things. He holds that believe in what is right, or evil has a basis of our desire and appetite. According to Hobbes, it would be genuinely moral to follow rules just with the aim of avoiding the punishments since we give up some liberty associated with the state of nature when we form a society. These rules come from the sovereign power that we have a moral obligation to unlimitedly and undividedly obey to preserve peace. Hence, we are only moral if we follow the social contract.
According to Hobbes, the answer would be different with fear of God replacing fear from sovereign authority punishment. It would not be morally right to act due to fear of God. Replacing the sovereign power with God changes the context of being in society to a state of nature. It would not be morally right since we would do what we desire and have an appetite and not from fear of law or God. According to the state of nature, whatever we deserve will be good and not evil. Hence, if we disobey the law of the sovereign power willingly then we will be morally right. The only rules that need obedience are laws of nature.