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In the article, ‘Poverty IS Rooted in US Education System, Research Finds’, the researcher, Kay Ann Taylor claims that education system has been the major factor that has contributed to the poverty. She says that poverty has been perceived as and linked to social deficiency which probably makes them sub human. Poverty exists because of social cultural bigotry which emphasizes superiority of white over others. It is supported by laws, white privileges, racism and welfare policies. Even the school curricula eulogize the ‘herofication’ of whites and do not address poverty from wider perspective of social reform. The researchers asserts that until people understand the wider issues of poverty and link it to the education system that understands and addresses the need of the poor, it will remain of the major concern of modern society.
Kay Ann Taylor has correctly identified education as the root cause of poverty. Education system that is non discriminatory and promotes inclusion of children from the under privileged segment of society, is the need of the hour. Education is most important element that can help raise the standard of living by opening plethora of choice for poor. Education greatly empowers people and poor people, when empowered through education, can make important decisions based on informed choices rather than cultural compulsions which could be detrimental to their personal and professional growth. Indeed, education system, including curricula, when devoid of their racist overtones, would prove to be the major element of alleviating poverty.
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