Please Read The Two Files Under Education: "Student Expectations" And "The Idea Of A – Essay Example

The two readings Expectation” and “The Idea of a have opened several things concerning university education. The arguments by the authors concerning the university education are similar. The authors argue that there is something else than just getting a good grade as far as the university education is concerned.
First, the author’s notes, that application of knowledge acquired in the universities, is crucial. Hence, university should act as a model for individuals to serve in society at various capacities. As Newman notes, “A practical end must be assigned to a University course, i say it is that of training good members of society.” Serving the society will only be possible by ensuring that students read for knowledge and not just for getting good grades. The point is well supported in the article by Roosevelt. In the article, Professor Brower notes that students must “read for knowledge and write with the goals of exploring ideas.”
On the other hand, it is clear from the two articles that students in the universities should focus on creating a different society. As a result, such focus of university education will be seen as raising value of the society. As noted by Newman, “University training aims at raising the intellectual tone of the society.” As a result, the society will be more informed and be able to handle all the challenges that may occur due to unlimited knowledge. In the Roosevelt article, it is clear that such knowledge can help in addressing some of the major problems facing societies in the 21st century such as global warming. As noted in the article, “College students want to be part of different and better world.”
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