Please Write A One Page Report On One Of The Following Inventors: Nikola Tesla – Essay Example

Nikola Tesla Born in 1856, Nikola Tesla is arguably one of the most successful scientists to ever have lived. Tesla made many inventions especially in the world of physics. However, most of his inventions, fetes, and achievements were on the field of light, electricity, and magnetism. Arguably, Tesla ranks almost equally with scientific icons such as Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. Tesla is remarked for his keen eye for scientific detail, a trait he exploited in discoveries and inventions that still aid the current world (Martin, 1997).
One of his remarkable inventions is the use of electro-magnetic fields for the production of alternating current (Tesla, 2006; Tesla, 2002). This came at a time when the world was heavily reliant on direct current. Tesla would later prove the efficiency of alternating current over direct current through many applications that he and other scientists developed. For instance, his techniques are credited with inventions of lighting and x-ray. Further, his inventions were resourceful in the development of systems for sending messages and weather warnings.
Tesla also intended to use the same technology for developing systems of managing weather reports. As such, most of his inventions were authentic in the sense that they sought to address real issues and challenges that affected the society in which he lived. The modern radio and television systems are heavily reliant on some of the developments that were created by Tesla. Tesla’s searching and inquisitive personality led him to author many facts and propositions in the field of electricity and electro-magnetism, some of which are still unexplored by modern scientists (O’Neill, 2007).
Tesla’s mixed Serbian and American experiences and the wide travel experience around the world combined with the good nurtured upbringing to yield the qualities of consistency and order for which he is recalled. Tesla died in 1943 in New York.
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