Radio Spot-Assignment Review – Essay Example

Araujo, Monique MKTG 410 Week 3- Assignment Bicycles R Us Radio Ad The target audience for this ad is young men and women who would like to lead a more active lifestyle. The target market was chosen because this demographic is in the market to buy bicycles, knowing that cycling is a lifestyle choice that is both healthy and active. This product is not that hard of a sell. Many of these people have probably considered biking in the past but have never gathered up the courage or resources to make an actual purpose. The target demographic is middle to upper class. With this assumption, this ad would be perfect in drive times at the beginning and end of the day. The ad will be upbeat and energetic, as well as direct, as the working professional is busy and desires streamlined information.
Radio spots needs to be highly energetic in order to capture the audiences’ attention. They need to be full of vim and vigor. A well designed radio spot will stick in the minds of the target audience and will be easy to remember. An important element is to repeat the name of the company in the ad, as studies show that people are often not giving the radio spot there undivided attention. Repeating the company name will help to ensure brand recognition for the consumer. Radio spot writers call this effect “nodding” after the term used to describe catfish fishing with your hands. The catfish grabs hold and won’t let go and so should a good radio spot.
Radio spot script:
For an energetic, fun-sounding female voice
Are you a busy person on the go?
Looking to lose a few pounds?
Then drop by our new location downtown! Bicycles R Us—we have it all! Low-riders, high-riders, penny farthings—we have all your bicycle needs in one place at Bicycles R Us. If you’re a young man or woman out and about in the city, and you need to get around this busy city in a hurry! Why not do it on a bicycle! Bicycles R Us, for all your cycling needs.