Reading Journal Entry On: Writing Drafts – Essay Example

Reading journal entry: Writing drafts The reviews, from personal experience and opinion, the process of developing writings through drafting and editing drafts towards a final copy. He recommends development of a list of points to be explored by a writer as an essential first step towards a good writing. The developed list does not however have to be ordered or organized, as an outline should be. Similarly, such developed lists may be revised several times to factor in emerging ideas before a final list is developed. With the developed list, a writer should focus on writing and avoid distractions such proficiency and environmental distractions. A writer should also be open to allow for development of new ideas. Such an approach is necessary in subsequent drafts that follow the first draft. At the same time, a writer should identify points that are not essential to writing’s theme and remove them at every level of drafting without deviating from the writing’s general flow. At the third draft, however, a writer can edit the work to ensure a smooth flow and correction of possible errors. The author however admits that different people may have different approaches to writing (Marius, n.d).
I concur with the author’s approach to writing that begins with a developed list of points and an open approach to developing content because creativity is a continuous process that thrives in freedom. Such freedom throughout a writing process therefore ensures literacy richness. The author is also right about the need to keep the audience to the theme, to ensure a universally captivating work. His admission that his approach is not universal is also valid because creativity into writing depends on a writer’s internal and external environmental factors.

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