Research Proposal Zahra's Paradise Draft Essay – Essay Example

Research Proposal Zahras Paradise Draft Essay In this publication, the oppression that is being discussed revolves around the events that occurred during the 2009 elections in Iran. This oppression was carried out by the extremists, fundamentalists and the terrorists. These three cosmic groups of people had excessive power to conquer the Iranians, the citizens from the Middle East and the Arabs. The powerful tale begins during the aftermath of the 2009 elections. Most of these events can be traced clearly from news editorials, videos and blogs hence, making the story unique. In fact, the intense ongoing drama within the Islamic republic of Iran is also described in this publication in relation to Zahra’s Paradise (Amir and Khalil 85). The book amicably plans to research the oppression during this era in relation to the events at Zahra’s Paradise.
During the aftermath of the election, there was the resistance party that composed of the loyal Iranians and other individuals from the Middle East. The main aim of the resistance party was to address the corruption, cruelty and barbarity that took place in the Iranian regime (Amir and Khalil 67). There is also sufficient information regarding the resistance party. According to the publication, it is rather evident that the individuals from the Middle East and those from the Arab world were assimilated into the resistance party to strengthen it after they felt the spark from the resistance.
These subjects will meet the proposed requirements of the draft essay related to Zahra’s Paradise. This is because the book focuses on the events that occurred during that period in close association to some of the personal and emotional connection to the Iranians (Amir and Khalil 45). Moreover, the events entailed in the book are closely related to the happenings during the aftermath of the election. Therefore, the study of these subjects will address these issues amicably.
Lastly, I choose to focus on Zahra’s Paradise and the personal and emotional connection of the events in 2009 due to the fact that it was a gripping tale (Amir and Khalil 18). As stipulated above, this information is also easily obtainable from the internet through blogs, videos and information from the social media. The vast access of information makes the entire research unproblematic.
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