Revision – Essay Example

ARISE! DETROIT Organizations have an interesting business structure. Every organization must be organized in a way so that the organization can bestachieve its goals. Some organizations are non profit and operate to support a good cause. This cause may be prevention or assisting those who need it. ARISE Detroit is an organization that is run under a strong organizational theory and developed to assist those in the Detroit area who are in need.
ARISE Detroit was designed to assist families and children. The family and children being helped come from domestic violence, families with drug use and homelessness. ARISE is structured to operate on donations and volunteers. This is a common means of operating for nonprofit organizations. ARISE must keep a strong relationship with those providing donations. The relationship is operated with a management team that keeps close contacts and seeks out more donations. Management also helps organize volunteers so they can be used appropriately.
The organization could not operate as effectively without strong ethics and goals. Technology is used in the form of computers and networking so that information can get out there. ARISE holds many different shows that recruit volunteers. Since ARISE only offers services in the surrounding Detroit area is important to recruit local volunteers.
It is easy to see that an organization such as ARISE needs a strong and organized team of members to ensure the organization is reaching goals. Organizations like ARISE need to be as organized as possible and have management that is able to respond to problems and seek out areas of improvement.