Rewrite A Set Of Instructions ( Technical Communication) – Essay Example

Safety precautions that should be taken by motorists in case of emergency on the road American Automobile Association (AAA) really cares for the safety of motorists as well as their vehicles. In case of an emergency on a major road, the following safety precautions should be taken by all motorists involved.
In an emergency, the position of the vehicle is very important. A Motorist should try to pull his or her vehicle off the road to a safe distance so that it does not obstruct other traffic.
A motorist should use hazard lights if he or she has been involved in an emergency situation so as to warn other motorists of the existence of danger since the vehicle may obstruct their way.
A motorist who has encountered a problem on the highway should try to contact others so that they know about the situation. A signal should be attached on the vehicle which warns other people about the existence of the problem. For instance, a light colored cloth can be attached on the antenna to warn others about the existence of danger. The hood of the vehicle can also be opened to show the existence as danger.
After implementing the above safety precautions, the motorist should call AAA for roadside assistance. He or she should remain in the car until the assistance has arrived. Once contacted for an emergency, the AAA will quickly dispatch a mechanical team to assist the motorist.
In the event that the motorist has decided to leave the vehicle, then he must leave a note on the vehicle’s dashboard. It should contain ●your name, ●the date, ●the time that you left, and ●the direction in which you headed. If you decide to hike a lift from other motorists, you must do the same thing but this time you must include the name of the person who has given you a lift, a brief description of the car and that persons license plate number. This note should be placed on the dashboard where it is visible to other people who may wish to offer assistance.