Safety Officer Week 7 # 11 – Essay Example

Incident Safety Officer (ISO) According to Walsh, Christen, Callsen and Miller , an incident safety officer ispart of the Incident Command System (ICS). This is a system within the Incident Management System (IMS) which is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing all the aspects of emergency response services. The system comprises of policies, procedures and personnel that are required for the purpose of provision of emergency response services and therefore, the Incident Safety Officer is one of the personnel in the system (Walsh, Christen, Callsen & Miller, 2011.)
When an Incident safety officer is used during a hazardous materials or technical rescue incident, they are tasked with the function of ensuring the safety of the personnel and to manage or monitor the situation. There is only one ISO who assigned for a given incident. The organization of the IMS is such that we have the Incident Commander as the overall leader of the team (Walsh, Christen, Callsen & Miller, 2011). After the incident commander, now comes the incident officer who is actually an assistant of the Incident Commander. The Incident Safety Officers also have their own assistants whose number may vary according to situation in hand. These assistants may be working as agents from other agencies or they may be within the same agency and their duties are assigned by the ISO (Walsh, Christen, Callsen and Miller, 2011).
Walsh, Christen, Callsen and Miller (2011) points out the functions of an Incident safety officer to include: identifying and rectifying a hazardous situation within the work setting, monitoring the levels of exposure to the hazardous material within the work setting, suspending or terminating any ongoing activities that might result to a further spread of the hazardous material, undertaking mitigation measures to curb the further spread of the hazardous materials and finally to offer training and education concerning workers health.
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