Scarlett Letter Essay - Choose Character And Describe How The Character Transforms Throughout Book – Essay Example

"The Scarlett Letter" Character analysis is a key component in all literal works. This helps in understanding the inherent behavior as well as the transformation that occurs in such behavior. “The Scarlet Letter” emphasizes the transformation of character such as Hester Prynne.
The transformation of the character is evident from the whole plot of the book. Various forces she encounters in the society leads to transformation. These transformations also have an effect to her character. In the beginning of the book, she acknowledges her parents as loving guides who would most of the time stop her from deviating from strong moral values. This clearly shows that in spite of the extramarital affairs, she once had a loving heart. However, after this affair, she transforms into another character. This makes her ashamed and disengaged from the society. This occurs as she is paraded in front of the public to be charged because of her compromising behavior (Hawthorne 18).
However, in the end of the book she transforms into another person. She becomes a caring person and a maternal figure admired by everybody in the society. In fact, she cares for the poor and even provides them with food and clothing as they come for her to get solace. This is seen in the end of the book where women sought for her opinion on challenges they face in the society (Hawthorne 239). This brings to an end to the humiliation she went through.
In conclusion, it is clear that Hester has transformed from an outcast in society to a role model. This happens through unusual circumstances she goes through.
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