Summary #19 – Essay Example

Summary #19 Video summary: Expanded Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, Human Needs, Self Actualization The video, featuring Corrina as the speaker, explores the extended version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Instead of the 5 needs, the video shows additional three making up a total of 8 needs. From this, the video derives the essence behind Maslow’s creation of the theory; Corrina asserts that theory is geared towards providing explanation for human motivation. The video gives a deep insight of what makes people carry out an action, and what motivates their behavior (Psyche Truth, 2011). The 8 needs are into two categories: the first four entails basic needs and the last four are called higher order needs. These constitute the major concepts discussed by Maslow in his theory, as stipulated by the video.
Intuitively, Maslow describes the first four needs as the deficiency needs portrays the nature of basic needs. This is because an inadequacy or shortage of these needs would act as the motivation for one’s action. In order to support the video lists some examples that show how an individual is motivated into action as the result of having a desire or need. The desire motivates the subject to fulfill their various needs. Falling into this category include physiological, safety, love and esteem needs. The need to meet these needs grows even stronger when they are denied for a longer time. For instance, the longer an individual stays without food the stronger the urge grows for obtaining food.
The last four needs are the higher order needs also referred to as the growth needs. Their nature, as implied by Maslow is related to self-actualization of an individual could be recognized as the definition of the limit what one could be. Maslow branded them the being need that defines an individual in the society. Found in this category are cognitive needs, aesthetic needs, self-actualization needs and transcendence needs. The video asserts that this category of needs triggers an individual’s desire for achievement of self-satisfaction, by achieving the full potentiality of what he or she could actually become. The video gives an example with the feeling an individual derives from helping someone thereby allowing the speaker to associate this category with happiness hunt.
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