The Book's Name Is THE JUNGLE By Upton Sinclair (1906) – Essay Example

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair (1906) The ical novel The Jungle was ed by Upton Sinclair in the year 1906. Sinclair who lived from the year 1878 to 1968 was also a social activist, American muckraker and essayist. Through his works, he won the Pulitzer Prize. The book depicts activities pertaining to the meat industry and workers during the early 20th century. This paper describes the contents found in the book the Jungle.
In the book, Sinclair writes about the poor, working conditions and poor health standards experienced by immigrants in the meat industry (Sinclair 20). In the book, the family of Jurgis and Ona Rudkus emigrated from Lithuania and currently living in Chicago, United States. The family propels the theme of unhealthy standard as witnessed during the early 20th century in the novel. Issues of poverty, horrible living standards, lack of social programs and working class being uncertain of the future are addressed in the book. Another point addressed in the book is the 20th century corruption in the American meat industry, which resulted in the negative living conditions of the immigrants (Sinclair 67).
After the immigration of Jurgus and his family to the United States, they go through numerous downfalls such as being conned and evicted from their home. The family members are forced to seek for jobs in order to support their lively hoods. However, this experience turns out to be detrimental to their lives, as they experience rough and compromising situations in the job environment (Sinclair 88). Later on the novel, Jurgus becomes a member of a socialist and labor organization, which aids in countering against the evils of working conditions. At the end of the novel, Jurgus fortunately gets a job through one of the members in the labor union (Sinclair 300).
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