The International Bar Association's Human Rights Institution ---Cover Latter – Essay Example

Address Cellphone Number Email Address The International Bar Associations Human Rights Address Dear Sir/Madam Re; Application for an Intern Position
I am greatly honored to seek an intern position in your esteemed organization. I am a law student who shares the same drive and motivation of protecting fundamental rights of the worlds citizens. I am highly motivated, independent, enthusiastic, and a champion for human rights. A chance in International Bar Associations Human Rights Institute will give me the much-desired opportunity to share my diverse skills, learn, and get experience. My main fields of interest are Public international law, International human rights law, and International commercial arbitration.
What sets me apart is my resilience, diligence, self-drive, initiative skills and profound desire to grow personally and professionally in order to increase my usefulness in international law. Additionally, I have strong interpersonal, intercultural, communication and problem solving skills. I have perfected my analytical, writing, library and internet based research especially in the legal field. Having profound desire to be a renowned and useful legal professional in international affairs and politics, the intern position will be a lifetime accomplishment. Not only will I have a chance to learn, but I will also have a chance to make a meaningful contribution through research projects, sharing my expertise and experience, as well as fostering a more favourable learning and working environment to all people that I will collaborate.
I am available to take the position in the next available opportunity. Your kind consideration will highly be appreciated and the offer treated with utmost respect and dignity. I greatly look forward to working in your esteemed organization.
Respectfully Yours