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11 April Finding Value or Truth in Other Religions When it comes to other religions and whether or not I find truth or value in others than my own, the answer is if I do is simply no. While I can respect other people and their belief system and think that each person may have their own religion that they wish to follow, mine is that I am Muslim. I was raised in a Muslim home and will always stay true to my faith.
Sometimes when it comes to religion, I think that what happens for others, including myself, is that we are exposed to something that we may assume to be true. For some it is a tangible form of worship and for others it is something that we must merely have a belief that it exists. The proof that we know comes from the information that we read. We can draw conclusions based on our own thoughts or feelings or personal values.
As a Muslim, I practice the Islam religion and my God is Allah. Allah is my only God and I am monotheistic. I believe in the teachings of the Qaran as told to the prophet Muhammed through the Angel Gabriel. It is important to me to do good deeds unto others. To me, being a Muslim is not just a religious belief. Instead, it is the way I live my life and is the core of my values.
Some are already conditioned to believe in an organized religion. Others just need to have a faith in something. For me, it is about tolerance. Whether people are Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, or Wiccan, all that matters is that they are spiritual because it often gives people something to turn to if they need guidance in life. For me, those other religions have nothing to do with my own personal beliefs.