Physical Therapy of the Knee Affiliation: Health care is an important factor in thelives of all patients who face differentiated health complications. In the clinical setting, patients’ needs are diverse and dynamic, an aspect that makes it fundamental for clinical practitioners to understand every aspect their patients’ needs, concerns, and health status. In the chosen case (case 2), Acupuncture for the old knee, George has a knee complication; osteoarthritis (Goroll & Mulley, 2009). Based on the case’s information, the best, well-built clinical question is given in part C; In elderly patients with osteoarthritis of the knee, can acupuncture combined with an anti-steroidal inflammatory agent, improve mobility and reduce pain? (Guan-Yuan, Jia-Jia, & Louis, 2008).
The clinical question chosen above can only be adequately addressed if the best search strategy is employed. In regard to the available search strategies, option B is the best available search strategy. The strategy outlined in option C identifies the problem at hand and tries to gather information that could be employed in resolving the problem. On the same note, aged patients are prioritized, thus confining the search to physical therapies that are beneficial to George.
In the provided article, patients were randomized, but the randomization was done by a computer program. While group allocation was concealed, the method employed was simple but functional. The study groups were characterized by patients with similar baseline characteristics, thus evidencing similarities in known prognostic variables in the study groups (Vas, 2004). The study was highly blinded, right from the issuance of diclofenac to the analysis of statistics relating to the studied patients. Follow-up was also complete subject to the patients’ participation. The intention-to-treat was maintained throughout the study, and first allocations were followed to the end for the purpose of consistency. Finally, the trial was timely stopped.
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