Weekly Ass. #6 – Essay Example

October 11, Weekly Assignment #6 Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millennials are the last three generations of USA. Baby Boomers are those who were born during 1943-1960, Generation X constitute the people born in the period of 1961-1981 and the Millenials are the generation from 1982 to till date. The characteristics of Baby Boomers are identified to be work-centric, goal-oriented, independent and competitive. Baby Boomers are characterised by hardworking and get encouraged by position, perks and prestige. They are also goal-oriented and career-focussed along with independent, confident, competitive and self reliant character. “But baby boomers are famous not only for their positive attitude, but also for tendencies that are destructive like ruthlessness, arrogance and selfishness that can result in factional strife or outright despotism” (Agarwal par. 8). Generation X which constitute the later Baby boomers are characterised by individualistic behaviour, technologically skilled, flexible in respect to their work and they value their work as a part of their life. “While just the negative aspects of Generation X is always touted, the positive should also be given due attention. People from Generation X have made meaningful contribution to the society and that should be appreciated and highlighted too” (Characteristics of Generation X par. 4).
Millenials who are the children of Baby Boomers are characterised as confident, team oriented, conventional, sheltered, achieving, and pressured by the work load. The motivation of the employees of all the three generation is possible if they are brought together. For this the team orientation of the Millenials is to be encouraged. A team with the members from the three generation should be first constituted. Then team should be given an orientation by concentrating on the Millenials. The hard working character of the Baby Boomers should be used with the technical skills of the generation X and should be implemented in the team which has a character of confidence from the Millenials.
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