Weekly Assignment (df3) – Essay Example

Writing Topic Sentences and Paragraphs One of the power point articles comprehensively defined the meaning of a topic sentence. It has stated that a topic sentence refers to statement which briefly describes the main idea of the paragraph. The topic sentence needs to be written in a way that it immediately draws the attention of the reader towards the subject being discussed. However the topic sentence is not a factual statement but rather a concluded view and judgment made from the main topic. The second power point article briefly describes the sentences within a paragraph that further describes the topic sentence. The concluding sentence in the paragraph summarizes the whole paragraph by linking its main idea to the topic sentence. It also states the need for coherence through out the paragraph.
Proper use of the presentation by the reader enables them to identify the key points of this presentation and, therefore, help them organize their process of thinking. High quality graphics easily grasps attention of the individuals as the audience, observe the animations and become completely immersed in the presentation. Power point presentations are highly attractive. Presentations are easier to understand and are also less time consuming especially when formulating them. The presentation enables the author not to deviate from the key points of the topic in discussion.
Through both presentations, I have understood that the main ideas of all paragraphs are usually contained within the first sentence. The topic sentence needs to briefly describe the main thought process to be used within the whole paragraph. Also it has enhanced better understanding on the need for a logical order in the statement of ideas within the whole paragraphs. This enables the reader develop their thought process
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