Writer's Choice – Essay Example

Alone Together It is no doubt that technology is the architect of the modern human activities. In her book Alone Together, Sherry Turkle analyses human lives in the digital error and makes an incredible assessment on the potential emotional, psychological as well as social effects of replacing humans with technology. Her concerns have elicited reactions with critics claiming she is against technology. This paper seeks to refute these claims arrowed at Alone Together and support the findings therein.
People are falling prey to false illusions of getting friends and companions through gathering hundreds of friends on social media, pretending that they are communicating authentically not knowing these are just virtual friends; they are strangers. The contemporary world has turned to social networking for communication with robots being created to replace human labour and computers being used to carry out even the simplest of arithmetic. The model has made effort to change the perception of communication and interaction in the society. These are some of the concerns raised in Alone together. Technology has effectively replace the traditional way of interaction and generally affecting people’s lives such as affecting how they communicate, a high rise of issues relating to isolation, self-expression and friendship.
How technology is changing the way people think and behave is evident in how quick people are in embracing new technology. In her description of young children whose grandparents have robot for companionship, Sherry Turkle is concerned how the robots have replaced people by asking, “Even if, as adults we are intrigued by the idea that a sociable robot will distract our aging parents, our children ask, don’t we have people for these jobs”? (72). She does not suggest throwing away the technology but rather appreciates it as precious when used in accordance with the social profession and personal values.
Alone together elaborates how humans have turned to technology to find time but instead they become busier than before. People multitask more often thinking that they would achieve more which is not the case. (163). Constant connectivity has rendered us ignorant to know how to be alone. Being always on means that there is no time to regroup, discover or even think. More so we are afraid to be alone thus turning to technology, like phones to be with us at all times. Yet we are lonelier than ever before. Social networking sites and successfully substituted it for real human community. Frequent disruptions during face-to-face discussions have ruined our interaction with others effectively ruining relationships. Therefore the message from alone together is ultimately hopeful and encouraging.
Turkle, Sherry. Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other. New York: Basic Books, 2011. Print.