Week 4 Discussion Questions #1 And #2 – Personal Statement Example

Week 4 Discussion Questions and #2 submitted Aspects of Suburban Sprawl and Urban Blight Suburban sprawl refers to uncoordinated growth of towns or cities around their peripheries. In my community, there are certain aspects of this sprawl which is mainly motivated by sporadic development within the community. Some of these aspects include improper regional planning, and discrimination of selected areas for public growth and development.
Urban blight, on the other hand, refers to the decay and deterioration of buildings and older areas which arises as a result of neglect or inadequate economic support (Soule, 2006). There are aspects of urban blight in my community. As the community gets old, some buildings and property appear to have been neglected. Maintenance of these buildings has been a problem thereby making them run down, condemned or abandoned. It can also be referred to as urban decay.
1.1. Alleviating the effects of Suburban Sprawl and Urban Blight
The effects of suburban sprawl and urban blight include rapid consumption of the free space in the urban areas. This in turn causes congestion in` the urban community sometimes with old, rugged buildings. These effects can be alleviated through proper regional planning and ensuring adequate economic support. The effort should be aimed at destroying the old buildings while constructing newer ones to replace them. Buildings should not spring up without adequate plans for them.
2. Car or people orientation
In my community, majority of the people are car oriented though people orientation elements are also widely present. The car orientation comes as a result of the developments making people to enjoy travelling in cars. Cars are seen to be cheaper and quicker in terms of transportation. This fundamentally affects the way the energy is used in the community in the sense that the natural renewable energy resources are not properly exploited. Non renewable energy resources such as the fuel needed to drive the cars are therefore hugely used.
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