Name Two Faculty Memeber Whose Research Or Field Work You Are Most Interest In And Why – Research Paper Example

Faculty Publications Guilhem Fabre and Victor Rodwin in their research address health concerns in the context of globalization. Specifically, Pearl River Delta Region of China is the focal point of the research, with China being referred to as the world’s factory ( Trasande L. and Brian Elbel on the other hand focus their research on childhood obesity and the resultant economic burden on systems and programs of healthcare ( This is a common health issue and has therefore received significant attention all over the world.
Research by Guilhem Fabre and Victor Rodwin is of ultimate interest. This work is sensitive to the world’s diversity and dynamism over time. It notes that urbanization is good for growth and development of societies but there are negative impacts characteristic of the process. Specifically, the population’s health is the major focus of this research work.
The ultimate interest on this research is based on the fact that it monitors series of changes around the world and presents the underlying risks of disease associated with creativity and innovativeness that the world is currently experiencing, led by China and her megacities. Highlighting the resultant health risks and consequent health complications necessitate the need to take action. This piece of research is essential at personal level due to the concerns it puts across. That is, there is need for medical and health interventions for diseases that will be realized as urbanization takes place.
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