The Topic You Chose – Research Proposal Example

Music Theater and Dramatic Underpinnings as per Peter Stone’s Literary Work Research proposal Since timeimmemorial, the significant works of musical theatre have not been subject to much attention from the scholars (Taylor, 2012). These loopholes led me to undertake this study with the aim of filling the gap. I aim at undertaking an investigation regarding the structures that were employed by Peter H. Stone in adding meaning and purpose in his books concerning musical theatre. My research is necessary since I aim at deepening the exploration in the musical theatre industry. The musical theatre draws its meaning and success from its ability to collaborate with the musical, theatrical, visual art forms, and dance requirements (Taylor, 2012). Even though it has its cultural foundations in spectacles and rituals, musical theatre is regarded in the same way just like comedy and other forms of entertainment. The best productions in musical theatre are simply a representative of diversions from the other forms of entertainment (Taylor, 2012). My study will explore such values by examining the dramatic underpinnings in Peter H. Stone’s musical work. In order to discover the essentials of this topic of research, I will engage this project by using local resources available to me. However, the basic resources will majorly revolve around Stone’s musical theatre books that are available in the local library. Also, I will find historical documents on musical theatre useful in exploring this field of study. I will engage in a lot of consultations with the music and political science department. Additional resources would include both primary and secondary resources, majorly consisting of interviews with musical theatre experts. The scope of this research project will allow me to gain a better understanding of the social roots of dramatic underpinnings and will allow me to explore more scholarly works.
Taylor, M. (2012). Musical Theatre, Realism and Entertainment. New York: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.