Art Project 10 – Term Paper Example

Teacher French Impressionist Edgar Degas Edgar Hilaire Germain de Gas or better known as Edgar Degas, born in 1834, is one of the renowned French Impressionist painters, a sculptor, printmaker and drawing artist of his time. A written article featured by Art History Guide, described Degas as “a noted artist for his perceptive analysis of movement and expression and his ability to capture a figure in motion”. Excerpts from an autobiography of E. Degas further articulated that “the themes of his paintings were mainly ballet dancers, milliners, laundresses, female nudes as well as of race horses. Degas’ subjects were sometimes associated with “Realists” as some of his portraits share with Manets interest in the complexity of human expressions and the articulation of everyday experience (Degas Style, 2010). In 1880’s, Degas eyesight began to fail which was a crippling blow to him. It was then he shifted his talent to sculpture and pastels. He lived a reclusive life in the later part of his life. Over 150 sculptures were found in his home when he died almost blind in 1917. The resulting discovery of his sculptures and paintings in his final years led to vast public sales posthumously and further prominence in the art world, solidifying his position as one of the most fascinating Masters of French Impressionism” (‘E. Degas’(n.d.) featured in
Degas is one of the world renowned impressionist painters whose works I truly admire and aesthetically appreciate basically for the simplicity and innovative compositions which are more realistic than the radical surrealists. In effect, I admire his paintings that emphasize more the overall effect rather than the details (E. Degas, 2010). Above all, I chose Degas for the simple reason that I empathize with him in his difficult emotional struggle during the time when he was painting and the time he knew that his eyesight was deteriorating. Despite the failure of his eyesight, he was still able to create world renowned masterpieces of artworks. Though a sad thing to point out is that posthumous sale of his paintings reached millions of USD which he never got to enjoy.
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