Business Law Team Assignment – Term Paper Example

Business law team assignment Affiliation Business law team assignment Business ethics deals with a wide range of ethical and moral principles that arise in a business environment. Business ethics includes organizations and individuals’ actions and positions on ethical matters. Some examples of ethical decision making that occur in the organization include corporate social responsibility where the organization has a sense of responsibility towards the community and environment in which the organization operates. For example, an organization I work in expresses social corporate responsibility by contributing education and social programs in the community (Treviño & Nelson, 2011). The program provides scholarship for the students in the community that cannot raise enough money to take up some courses in the community college. Additionally, the organization expresses their citizenship through waste and pollution reduction processes. By so doing, corporate social responsibility promotes value creation, reduces risk management and corporate philanthropy.
Businesses face various business ethics in the organization such as discrimination where in case where the organization has a predominantly male environment, and the boss is female. The female boss is likely to face discrimination, which is an unethical conduct. Secondly, business may face ethical issues in relation to gross negligence where in case the board of directors has to the duty to exercise utmost care respecting decisions that affect the corporation and its shareholders (Treviño & Nelson, 2011). Therefore, when the board of directors fail to properly investigate a matter that affects the organization they are viewed to have committed gross negligence, which is an unethical and also breaches the legal duty of care. Employee behavior is also another ethical issue that affects the organization in the sense that employees may use their time to check personal mail or discrimination in the organization. When employees use their time to do their personal things they are unethical, and the employer should outline policies to ensure that the employees use their time to work in the organization.
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