Case Study – Term Paper Example

Case Study An Outline Plan for Developing an IT Strategy and Implementation This short report will advice on how to assemble an IT strategy. It calls for the development of a comprehensive plan. The strategic plan should drive the evaluation plan or sustainability plan by articulating basic concepts of vision, mission, goals, objectives and activities of Lostcity services. It should address how to recuperate from low profit margins. This can be done by properly arranging flights to fully customized holidays in a more cost efficient manner, and hospitality suites at major sporting and cultural events should be preplanned well in advance. Lostcity management should focus on upgrading their IT systems in order to go online in a more efficient way to provide travel, hotel and booking services to a number of companies, including some nationally-known organizations (Chang, 2002).
Currently, the focus should be on increasing the number of PCs that are currently acting as terminals and maybe even have their own private networks instead of relying on the one owned by an airline consortium. There should be no sharing of computers and a manager’s PC s should only be used to book flights. Sensitive matters like accounts should have their own uninterrupted PCs so as to better secure the company’s sensitive information. They should hire someone specifically designated to handle the broadband router and internet browser software for each machine together with the servers (Link, 2008).
The following information provides some general guidelines about key elements of a strategic plan. There is great flexibility about how Lostcity can approach the strategic planning process. There should be focus on the deliberate set of steps that:
Assesses Lostcity’s needs and resources
Properly defines our target audience and set of goals and objectives
Follows through plans and designs of coordinated strategies that have been tried, tested and successful
Connects this strategy to Lostcity’s needs, assets and the desired outcomes
Measures and evaluates the process and outcomes.
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Link, J.A., 2008. How to Develop and Implement Your IT Strategy. London: Troubador Publishing Ltd.