Cause Study – Term Paper Example

Case Study Amid Politics, Obama Drifted Away From Kin In the USA, media freedom is upheld. The government is very much concerned about uninterrupted flow of information for the benefit of its citizens. Whenever there is any issue of concern, it is boldly covered by all the available media houses and released to the general public for consumption. There are no red tapes and a lot of censorship on the kind of news that should be disseminated to the readers.
When compared to a country such as Cuba, USA is far much ahead. As a developed nation, freedom of the press is matter of national concern. Thus, information is made available to everyone since it is useful in sensitization, enlightening and entertaining the people. This applies that any type of news or event that happens within or out of the nation is not hidden. However, if it were in Cuba, the news rooms would be brought under vigilant censorship and control which makes it hard for all kinds of information to be availed to the people.
An example of a situation in USA news coverage was evidenced in this year when information about the relationship between President Obama and his family came into a lime light when his aunt died in Southern Boston on 8th/04/2014. When the president decided to skip the funeral service because he was busy golfing, everyone was amazed. Because of this incidence, the news was greatly reported by several media houses both within and out of the country. However, the major issue of concern was that President Obama is widening the distance between him and his eclectic African family members (Hsu, S.S. & Rakowsky, 2008)

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