Community Health Nursing – Term Paper Example

Community Health Nursing Community nursing involves taking care of the community and supporting them through various medical services. Community nursing is always viewed as a give back to the community. This practice involves providing nursing cares for those people with genuine home nursing needs. It is mostly applicable to the elderly people who can no longer move around or even work and might be suffering from dementia. With most of these community nurses coming from within the society they help in preserving culture. They do this by ensuring that while they conduct their daily nursing activities they are able to adhere to the norms and cultures of the society. This can be seen with the use of natural herbs as a means of treatment and this helps in preserving the culture. While doing this the community nurses also ensure that they accommodate some cultures into their practice. For example, nurses may alternate natural drugs like the herbs in their treatment with the manufactured drugs. The alternation helps creating a sense of cultural belonging in the practice. To some extent cultural brokering is necessary to initiate a change. This may include consulting various groups or people in the society who might be of different cultural background to initiate change. We cannot deny that there are some cultural practices which are old fashioned and harmful to our health. For this reason, community nurses can engage in cultural repatterning by correcting these cultural practices that are harmful. However we must understand that several challenges may crop in while trying to adjust into the modern society. Challenges like lack of proper knowledge on the modern nursing activities may lead to a lag in community nursing. Stricter cultural values and norms may also affect community nursing while trying to adapt to certain cultures to accommodate them may prove quite challenging if not well understood (Brian Martin, 2013).
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