Comparing And Contrasting Essay – Term Paper Example

Comparing and Contrasting Essay In a country as large as the United s, there are extreme differences that exist between people. These differences may be between religion, ethnicity, or social. Particularly focusing on the last one, there is a difference between those who live in the city and those who live in rural areas. The differences between people who live in the city and those who live in the countryside are largely social, financial, education differences.
Those who live in big cities tend to be more liberal is some of their views. The city life allows people to be forward thinking because of all the modern technology around. On the other hand, people living in rural areas are likely to be more conservative due to the way that they were brought up. These people believe that they should be left alone to do their own thing and that government should not try to interfere in their lives.
Another difference between city dwellers and rural people is financial. People living in big cities are likely to find high-paying jobs and can afford to spend more for their daily needs. People who live in the countryside have fewer opportunities for employment and thus cannot find work as easily. The cost of living is much greater in the city than in the countryside.
Lastly, people living in the city are likely to be educated to a high level because of the many educational opportunities that are on offer. This is in stark contrast to rural people, who often do not finish school because there is no need for higher education. Many high school dropouts want to find work because their families may be struggling financially.
The many differences between living in the city and living in the country, but the main ones are social, financial, and education differences.