Delivery Of Services In Health Care Organizations – Term Paper Example

Delivery of Services in Health Care Organizations Cancer has become one of the leading killer diseases in the society. In order for the disease to be controlled before getting to critical condition, outpatient clinic should provide free screening of the disease to all patients who visit the facility. This would play a great role in diagnosing the disease before getting into critical condition. A patient suffering from this disease is likely to suffer from financial constraint due to the cost of cancer treatment which requires high sophisticated equipments (MGMA, 2010).
In outpatient setting, the patient is likely to receive frequent check up from a professional. In addition, he/she will receive all treatment services in one location. On the other hand in a hospital, the patient will receive treatment in order to reduce the effect of the disease to the body. One of the major advantages of receiving services in outpatient clinic is easy access to the facility in comparison to the hospital (MGMA, 2012). On the other hand, outpatient clinic lack adequate and high quality equipments to treat and diagnose the disease. In hospital setting, the highest advantage is high technological levels in comparison with the clinic and availability of professionals to treat and diagnose the problem. This puts hospital in a higher position to treat the disease than outpatient clinics (Ruiz and Primm, 2010).
One of the greatest challenges that administrators encounter in planning and delivering services to cancer patients is lack of funds to purchase the equipments required to treat the disease and diagnose it. In addition, they lack enough personnel who are qualified to diagnose the disease and treat it (American College of Health Executives, 2010).
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