Description Of Incident – Term Paper Example

of an Incident It was a Wednesday, a fairly normal one, at least it seemednormal when the day began. It was about seven days ago, so that makes it 13th March according to my calculations. Like every other day I walked into Jacob’s construction site feeling all hale and hearty after my heavy morning breakfast of milk, cheese, eggs and bacon. But, when the day ended I left the construction site in an ambulance, what happened in between took place so suddenly that it is hard to actually believe that it did but the constant excruciating pain down my back reminds me that it was no night mare.
All throughout that day, I was working with everyone else, handling the construction materials, carrying and pushing heavy loads with care and calling out to each other in between. We have machines for such stuff, normally we do use machines but this site was rough and did not allow smooth functioning of all the heavy machinery and therefore it had to be done manually. We were accustomed to this, having worked all these years in the company we had learnt not to depend on these machines alone. We had finished loading all the heavy materials, only a few concrete blocks which were fairly light compared to the rest were left over and I picked them up, knowing that after this I would be heading home. I took a step and felt a sudden, pinching and unbearable pain rushing down my vertebra and squeezing my muscles so hard that I fell on the ground and the block fell down too. The next thing I knew, that I had twisted my back real bad and was being taken to the nearest hospital. I do not know what went wrong but I spent the next few days lying on the hospital bed.