Digital Culture Class, In Information System Major – Term Paper Example

Human creativity with technology Technology is modification, knowledge and usage of machines, tools, and techniques in an organized manner in order to solve a problem. Technologies have affected both human and animal species ability to adapt and control their natural environments. Technology has also affected society and its surrounding in different ways. As a result technology has help many societies to develop more advanced economies and allowed the rise of leisure class.
Human ancestors used tools which was partly a process of evolution and discovery. They have been using stones and other tools for long period of time. The stone tools greatly aided the early humans in their hunter-gatherer lifestyle. This performed different tasks including breaking of bones to get at the marrow. It also involved chopping wood and skinning an animal for its hide. The discovery and utilization of fire as a simple energy source was a turning point for humankind technological evoulution. Fire fueled with charcoal and wood allowed humans to cook food in order to increase its digestibility (Desrochers, 2001, p.370). It also helped in broadening the number of foods to be eaten and improved its nutrient value.
Clothing and shelter another technological advance was a key to humanity’s progress. Clothing adapted from the hide and fur of hunted animals which helped humanity to expand to colder regions. Humans began to migrate from one continent to another. The discovery of agriculture allowed larger population feeding and also increased the number of children. Additionally, children provided labor to the raising of crops more easily that they could perform hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Therefore technology was associated with science and led to a cycle of mutual advancement (Desrochers, 2001, p.380). The technology advancement allowed a more steady supply of food accompanied with a wider availability of consumer goods.
The invention of wheel revolutionized most activities such as transportation. The wheel wagon was used to carry heavy loads and fast which also encourage mass production of good. Lastly, the past experience technology shows how human creativity with technology was accomplished
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